Sell Your Excess Hotel Rooms Through BIZpaye Holidays

One thing the Accommodation & Travel Industries all have in common is they all deal in a potential but vanishing asset.

A room not sold tonight will never be sold tonight, a visitor that does not go to the amusement park today, will never go to the amusement park today, a airplane that takes off with a vacant seat today, will never fill that seat today, etc. The potential asset has vanished, never to return.

Even with the best of sales programs and sales persons this will still happen.

The BIZpaye Holiday Team can help any type of travel or tourism operator anywhere in the world to fill unsold rooms, inventory and tickets.

We are the experts in clearing idle tourism and travel inventories worldwide.

If your hotel or travel related business needs to sell more inventory, contact the BIZpaye Holiday Team today - we are the experts is item by item sales and bulk clearance of Hotel and travel industry inventories.

So what are you waiting for, the BIZpaye Holiday team have clients that want to buy NOW and BIZpaye needs more travel and tourism products that we can sell to our clients.

Our clients are of all types, singles, couples, families, gay partners, business and corporate executive travellers and more.


Whether it is one room to a bulk allocation of unsold rooms, the BIZpaye Holiday Team can clear it.