Coporate Trading Division


BIZpaye Corporate Trading Division

BIZpaye's Corporate Trading Division was established to assist larger organisations with larger transactions in mind, which is different from the traditional, everyday wholesale and retail oriented BIZpaye transactions.

BIZpaye's Corporate Trading Division has a proven track record in working with larger organisations to facilitate large local or international deals.

In the past our Corporate Trading Division team have worked with a number of large organisations facilitate a wide variety of local and internationals deals including;

  Commercial Airliners

 Cruise Ships

 Warehouse Laden Stocks

  Distressed inventory stuck on overseas commercial ports

 General clearance stock

  Bulk shipments of vehicles

  Large scale Sponsorship Deals

 Large-scale wine inventories

 New product launches and distributions

 Distressed Media clearance

 Bulk clearance of unsold hotel room nights

 New international business acquisitions and buying arrangements

 And much more...

If it's Corporate, with the BIZpaye Corporate Division team can handle it.

 BIZpaye's Corporate Trading Division can link your organisation to the world via the BIZpaye International Network of countries.