A BIZpaye Example

BIZpaye opens the door to a smarter way to do business, here's a simple example.....

As a business owner, if you needed $500 worth of business cards would you prefer to pay $500 in Cash or with $500 worth of your own product?

The answer is simple! It will always be better value to pay by using your own product instead of cash, given your cost for the product in the first place.

Each purchase made with your BIZpaye Account represents genuine cash savings.

The BIZpaye team will send you the extra business enabling you to purchase in this way, so effectively purchases are being supplemented by new business rather than being supplemented by cash flow.

BIZpaye operates along the lines of a small bank, as a clearinghouse for members.

It issues its’ own currency and plastic debit/credit cards, and sales and purchases are facilitated much the same way as other card/merchant transactions.

The currency used in BIZpaye is called a Trade Credit and the value are equal to the local currency of origin and are recorded as book-entry debits and credits (i.e. Cashless accounting units).

Trade transactions are valued on the basis that One BIZpaye Trade Credit = One Local Point of Origin Cash Unit of currency for all accounting and taxation purcposes.

As well as conducting accounts for members and issuing plastic debit/credit cards to facilitate transactions, BIZpaye provides monthly statements, issues sales vouchers, maintains an authorization process for all transactions, and issues interest free credit limits according to the trading capacity of the member.

Save more cash in your business today by stepping into the world of BIZpaye Trading.