Partner Program


Bizpaye Partner Program

BIZpaye offers all Members the opportunity to join the BIZpaye Partner Program where we pay you real cash every month for the New Member’s that you introduce or sign into the BIZpaye network.

Become a BIZpaye Partner, it’s FREE, and from every New Member you directly sign or introduce into the BIZpaye System, BIZpaye will pay you real Cash from the fee’s your Member’s pay us each month.

The more Members you recruit, the more cash BIZpaye could be paying you each month.

Imagine, with enough Member’s signed under your Name, you may never have to pay BIZpaye Cash Fees Again and BIZpaye could be paying you Cash Every Month, Cash in your pocket for years to come.


The Benefits of the BIZpaye Partner Program speak for themselves

  If a new client you refer pays cash to join BIZpaye = WE PAY YOU CASH*

 If one of your clients signed under your name pays their BIZpaye Fee’s on time = WE PAY YOU CASH*


Become a successful BIZpaye Partner and BIZpaye may even grant you your very own BIZpaye Regional License.

*Conditions do apply to the BIZpaye Partner Program so speak to BIZpaye TODAY and get signing.

The more New Members you recruit, the more cash we could be paying you, plus you will have more clients to trade with, thus saving you even more cash, everyday.​